Why not Ruby?

Don Geddis don at geddis.org
Fri Jan 2 23:47:35 CET 2009

Richard Riley <rileyrgdev at gmail.com> wrote on Thu, 01 Jan 2009:
> Tim Greer <tim at burlyhost.com> writes:
>> That poster has a frequent habit of cross posting to multiple, irrelevant
>> news groups.  There's no rhyme or reason to it.
> No rhyme nor reason? It's quite clear, to me, why.  How is a comparison
> article not relevant when he is trying to stimulate discussion about
> alternative languages for modern development?

Sometimes crossposting can be useful.  But you ought to at least be aware
of some of the possible drawbacks, e.g. expressed here:

In particular, the usual hope by the poster is that the content is relevant
to the union of people in the different groups, but the actual experience is
that it is often relevant only to the intersection of such people.

And, moreover, that a long cross-posted thread on controversial topics often
winds up with people talking at cross-purposes past each other, because they
don't share enough common values to have a useful conversation.

In particular, the poster that started this thread is well known for adding
far more noise than signal to any discussion, and for showing no interest in
the greater good of any of the communities, but only in his own

You labor under the delusion that there is at least good intent here, and the
poster ought to receive the benefit of the doubt.  Long prior experience shows
that this hope is misplaced.

        -- Don
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