Noob question: Is all this typecasting normal?

vk vminch at
Sat Jan 3 06:05:28 CET 2009

> etc etc ... IOW consider not biting off more than you can chew.

It's possible that I am, but where's the fun without the risk?
Good thinking in your post though!

I will add "get_date" at some point, and I've modified "get_numeric"
All-right, the moment you've all been waiting for:


1) user_io.user_io
-- get_text(msg)
-- filter_get(msg, valid_chars)
-- get_numeric(msg)
-- bully_numeric(msg)

2) user_io.progress_bar
-- ping()
-- stop()

Read the doc-strings for details.

I know it isn't perfect, so just yell at me on this thread if you
don't like something and I'll try to fix it.
Actually, I'd rather you fix it yourself and THEN yell at me to update
the module.

have fun!

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