Using PythonPath under Windows Vista.

Morgul Banner Bearer wim76 at
Sun Jan 4 13:56:51 CET 2009

Hi Everybody,

I was using the O'Reilly book from 1999 to look into Python and ran
into a problem with
the use of Pythonpath.

I have Python installed under c:\python26.
I have the module "" that i want to run installed under c

In Windows Vista, I have set an environment variable "Pythonpath"
equal to c:\python26\work
(by using the "My computer", "Properties", "Advanced", "Environment

The behaviour of the program is as follows :
In a Dos Box, the program executes nicely when i type :
"c\python26>python c:\python26\work\".

Now i understand that- because I set the Pythonpath- the program
should also run if i type:
(under these conditions Python should look for the file in
the folders specified in the
Pythonpath).  However, this does not work, but gives : "Can't open
file... No such file or directory".

I have not found further info availlable on bulletin boards on the
internet, so if anybody can post
the solution here, that would help me out.


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