some question about python2.6 and python3k

Ken Seehart ken at
Sun Jan 4 19:04:48 CET 2009

Michael Yang wrote:
> Hi,guys
> i am a new guy for python world,i have some question want to ask
> 1.should i learn about python2.6 or python3k?i heard of it has some 
> difference from them
> .
I think you should go directly to 3K to save your self the extra work of 
learning the differences.

The main advantage of using 2.6 is compatibility with the past.  People 
who have already developed major projects will use 2.6 for a while until 
they get around to converting (if ever).  But if you are new to python, 
this advantage is not very relevant to you, so you should start with 3K.
> 2.Do python3k has some good web framework(like
I don't know whether specifically works under python 3K, but it 
seems to be a fairly active project, so my uneducated guess is that it 
will soon if it doesn't already.  In any case 3K has plenty of direct 
support for all web related things.
> Thanks !
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