IDLE spinning beach ball on OS X 10.3.9 Panther

kleefaj kleefaj at
Sun Jan 4 19:14:29 CET 2009


I want to run IDLE on my iBook running Mac OS X 10.3.9 (Panther).

Per the instructions on "Python on the Macintosh" [1], I downloaded
and installed TclTkAqua [2], then downloaded and installed Universal-
MacPython-2.4.3 [3].

Python launches in Terminal. The version shown is 2.4.3.

When I launch IDLE (Applications/MacPython 2.4), a Console window and
a *Python Shell* window open, and then I get the spinning beach ball.
I have to Force Quit.

Did I miss anything? How do I get this to work?



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