[ANN] TZMud 0.8

Lee Harr missive at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 5 00:52:33 CET 2009

TZMud is a Python MUD server.

A MUD is a text-based virtual environment
accessed via telnet, or with a specialised
MUD client.

TZMud development is still in early stages,
focusing on API and server stability.

TZMud uses several high-quality Python
libraries to facilitate rapid development:
    Twisted, ZODB, and Pyparsing.

TZMud is released under GPLv3.

Changes in TZMud-0.8:
    - web access to database
    - better cross-platform operation
    - added configuration file verifcation tool
    - more readable and natural messages and commands
    - improved handling of object attributes
    - Exit can now be subclassed and cloned
    - objects can now be invisible
    - objects can now have a weight
    - rudimentary plugin framework
    - more teleportation commands
    - more secure password storage
    - xyzzy
    - new items/ mobs/ exits:
        - ring of invisibility
        - traps
        - spawner
        - players only exit

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