mod_python: delay in files changing after alteration

psaffrey at psaffrey at
Mon Jan 5 16:39:44 CET 2009

Maybe this is an apache question, in which case apologies.

I am running mod_python 3.3.1-3 on apache 2.2.9-7. It works fine, but
I find that when I alter a source file during development, it
sometimes takes 5 seconds or so for the changes to be seen. This might
sound trivial, but when debugging tens of silly errors, it's annoying
that I have to keep hitting refresh on my browser waiting for the
change to "take". I'm guessing this is just a caching issue of some
kind, but can't figure out how to switch it off. Any suggestions?

The entry in my apache2.conf looks like this:

<Directory /var/www/pythonapps>
   SetHandler mod_python
   PythonHandler mod_python.publisher
   PythonDebug On



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