Why not Ruby?

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Mon Jan 5 20:17:38 CET 2009

On Jan 5, 7:31 am, "Tim Rowe" <digi... at gmail.com> wrote:
> 2009/1/1 r <rt8... at gmail.com>:
> > I am beginning to think
> > the perfect high level language would take the best for Ruby and
> > Python. The ultimate language with speed in mind, pythons clear
> > syntax, but with shortcuts for gurus.
> I spent quite a few evenings looking at Ruby, and didn't find a single
> thing I liked (and I certainly didn't find it "elegant", as the
> original poster described it). What do you see in it that you think
> would be good in Python? Remember, put in too many shortcuts and
> you'll end up with code that's as unmaintainable as Perl!
> --
> Tim Rowe

Hello Tim,
I think mainly i was just talking out of my bum. I am forced to learn
Ruby because it is the only API available for one of my favorite
applications. I lament every day that Python was not chosen for the
API, not only for myself, but for the poor users who must deal with
Ruby's backward way of doing things. I really think Python is the best
high level language available today and teaches it's users more than
meets-the-eye. I quite enjoy writing Python code, and learned the
language very quickly despite the fact that i had no prior programming
experience, and very little computer experience in general --
indecently Ruby was the first high level language i tried :)

There were a few things initially that i -thought- i liked better
about Ruby, but after much consideration, have decided they are not
better, and are actually complete rubbish. If i had a choice i would
much rather invest my time learning Perl than Ruby. I -will- never get
over the use of "end", especially since indentation is allowed. In a
language that is as "supposedly" high level as Ruby, this is moronic-
monkey-drivel. This complete ludicrisness, coupled with archaic
thought processes, is completely redundant, bombastically asinine, and
morbidly irreprehensible. Which in turn evaluates to this plague of
human excrement we must plow through each and every day!

I could could go on and on for hours bashing Ruby, but i should
probably stop here before somebody gets upset although i am sure that
i will be viciously lambasted for what i have already said.(Pssft--
some people around here are quite touchy!) So let the tongue lashings

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