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Mon Jan 5 21:46:23 CET 2009

>   lutz> Per my web page, my classes may be available in a different
>    lutz> location later this year (Florida is a strong possibility), but
>    lutz> not in Tulsa, unfortunately.
> Maybe if Tulsa had more appealing geography or weather??? ;-)
> Skip

Yes, that makes sense to me. Thank you.

There's just not much going on here in Tulsa. I moved here about 3 years
ago. It's difficult with linux, PHP,python,administration,networking jobs
around here.

That's one of the reason why I want to boost the blood flow here in Tulsa. I
mainly like it here because it's quiet and the people are nice. Depends on
what you compare that too though. It's a good place for family. But if your
a linux system administrator, programmer then it's a little more difficult
for that stuff here. It's not in the market here. Everyone wants .Net this,
Microsoft that. I don't like Microsoft, but don't get me wrong I still have
to virtualize it sometimes to get certain things done. I just wish that it
were the other way around. Not that it won't be sometime in the near future.
Simply due to how things are looking for Micr0$pft. I think I heard
something about them getting in to linux/unix as base or is capable of
running linux side-by-side. Not virtualbox. Something else. But, I think
that's a rumor. Can someone verify that for me? Sorry, of topic.

That's why I want to do something to change things around. Maybe open a
small school(dream?) Monthly meetings or something. so people can hang out,
talk geek. I also want to somehow make it so more people dive into linux,
python development. The only way that I think this to be conceivable is if
people don't have to pay for it to go there. Or maybe just a small cover
charge. They learn cool s*** for fun and profit. I think one way to do this
is to bring some trainers to the area. Note I haven't done this before. But
I want t organize someway for linux, python development to boom around here
and spread all around like a virus. Kinda like organized crime only legal.
It's fun. :) Then we find a place to do this and boom. We have a 3 day event
in python development here in Tulsa. If more people are able to go then
there's a better chance for them to get into linux and python.

*Some possible room would be:*

Picking a flavor of linux, focusing on gentoo,slackware,ubuntu,centos,bsd as
> main choice for starters. Installing that flavor and using it for daily
> tasks that a person would perform in windows.
> Ubuntu Linux Installation and customization. Merging from windows, command
> line, tools, development starting points,best application to use,techniques,
> etc...
> Customizing and using c,python(pyrex),bash,php,etc...
> Then we could go around to some companies.Get them to goto to these
meetings. It doesn't even have to be companies. But it is preferred. Somehow
making it so that every company/person starts to invest at least 33% of
there resource/time on linux and python, for starters.

The only thing is that, I don't know where to start. to achieve this. I've
been thinking about this from a long time ago. I even bought a domain. in contrast with the Microsoft launch of (Are they saying they want to find more Heroes for
there crisis they have going on?) We need more hackers.

Oh, one question. How would I get someone, say like Ubuntu to sponsor this
whole shenanigans? Or Google for that matter. This would actually,
inderictly prepare everyone for Chrome for Linux and undeniably move people
from IE.

What if there were billboards for linux in the USA? How would that effect
Microsoft? OUCH. I think someones turf gonna get jacked.

People driving by will see Ubuntu, and be like whats that? A new windows? I
gotta try it. Need a upgrade. Then they call there local computer guy,etc...

Google will definitely have more playing ground on this turf, not that there
sandbox isn't big enough as it is. I just really like google. They have a
good culture, etc... I would like this culture to spread out side of google
though. This I think would be nice.

This way there can be events to go across the USA for Hacker Happen Here.
People will truly then start seeing some of the power that linux has over
windows and how cost effective it use to use it. Not only for servers, but
as a desktop too. Most people, all they need is Firefox. Ubuntu has that.
For development it's a different story. For me linux is better for
development. I know I can do more with it. Windows I think is somewhat
restrictive to what a person can do with there computer.

Is there something like this for linux already? Am I missing out on
something? trying to duplicate some else's efforts? Certainly, I'm not
trying to do that.

This will hopefully get some of those really good .Net developers to try
python,spe,ubuntu,etc...If they haven't yet.

All I know is this. I want linux and python to own USA turf.

This will also make it so that development and new applications/tools will
come out faster. More users, programmers, hackers, etc...

Don't get me wrong, It's nothing personal against Microsoft. I just don't
like how so many people are wasting there time with it. Especially when
there are significantly way better things out there to feed you mind and
your computer. In an unrestrictive so much environment as windows.
Especially for development.

Sorry this is long and off topic. (I need to learn how to write better.)
It's just some things I think about sometimes. Please help me some how to
achieve this goal. I want people to really harness the true power of there
computer and stop eating BS for applications and development environments.
If there is more sand, then there's more sand castles, holes and fun. Why
would someone want to pass up the ability to use the same thing in so many
more ways than one. It doesn't compute. By all means I'm not trying to steal
your thread. Please don't feel that way.

-Alex Goretoy

On Mon, Jan 5, 2009 at 6:47 PM, <skip at> wrote:

>    lutz> Per my web page, my classes may be available in a different
>    lutz> location later this year (Florida is a strong possibility), but
>    lutz> not in Tulsa, unfortunately.
> Maybe if Tulsa had more appealing geography or weather??? ;-)
> Skip
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