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Mon Jan 5 22:40:24 CET 2009

skip at wrote:
>     Jack> It's simple, a small program running on background, logging the
>     Jack> title of foreground window. A python script parses the log file
>     Jack> and then generates chart by matplotlib.
>     Jack> I just want to get suggestions to improve it, or know the news
>     Jack> that somebody had implemented a better one so I can abandon my
>     Jack> toy.
> For starters, you might figure out how to make it work on a real operating
> system which allows multiple active processes.

Well the computer can do things in paralell. Most human beings, and
according to stereotypes especially male human beings are only single
tasking, (like the mouse focus).
So if you want to find out what a user is busy with I guess, that the
title of the window in focus is probaly a very reasonable indicator.

Of course if you want to find out what the computer is busy with, then
you should make statistics of the processes and heir cpu loads.



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