Measuring bytes of packet sent from python application

Grant Edwards grante at
Tue Jan 6 03:08:25 CET 2009

On 2009-01-05, Kangkook Jee <aixer77 at> wrote:
> Jonathan Gardner wrote:
>> On Jan 5, 2:26 pm, Kangkook Jee <aixe... at> wrote:
>>> I'd like to measure number of bytes sent(or recv'd) from my python
>>> application. Does anyone have any idea how can I achieve this?
>>> I tried to do this by tracing some socket calls (send, sendto, sendAll)
>>>   using 'metaclass' but I could find exactly place that I can put this in.
>>> My application runs some number of protocols (bittorrent, xmlrpc ..) in
>>> it and will be measured for a couple of hours.
>> A good universal tool on the Linux platform is tcpdump. It takes some
>> learning, but is very useful for this kind of task. You can use a tool
>> like ethereal to visualize the data that tcpdump gathers.
> Thanks a lot Jonathan
> That seems like a good solution for my issue but how can I distinguish 
> traffics from my application to others?

You can't predict ahead of time what hosts/ports that your
application is going to be using?

> I'm still struggling to solve it within python process since
> it looks cleaner but it doesn't seems to be easy at all.

I don't why adding bunches of code to your app would be
"cleaner" than gathering data using external programs.


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