Code Review request for the trash-cli project

Andrea Francia andrea.francia at
Tue Jan 6 16:20:15 CET 2009

The trash-cli project is a opensource implementation of the Trash Specification that provides a command line 
interface to manage the trashcan.

It's provide the following commands:
   * trash-put          trashes files and directories.
   * trash-empty         empty the trashcan(s).
   * trash-list          list trashed file.
   * trash-restore       restore a trashed file.

It is written in python and its sources are available at

I'm the main developer and I'm not so good in Python as I would be.

Would you review my software and point out the problems you see?

The review comments can be written using the code-review facilities of 
google code. You need only to double click the line of code where you 
want add a comment.

Patches are also welcome.

Thank you.

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