State of the art: Tkinter, Tk 8.5, Tix?

Roger rdcollum at
Wed Jan 7 21:31:09 CET 2009

On Jan 7, 2:31 pm, excord80 <excor... at> wrote:
> Does Python work with Tk 8.5? I'm manually installing my own Python
> 2.6.1 (separate from my system's Python 2.5.2), and am about to
> install my own Tcl/Tk 8.5 but am unsure how to make them talk to
> eachother. Should I install Tk first? If I put Tk into my home
> directory (under "~/opt" most likely), is there some configure option
> I need to pass Python to tell it where to find my Tk?
> Also, I see that Python comes with Tix. Was Tix supposed to be
> something to make up for what was lacking in Tk prior to its 8.5
> release? Is Tix here to stay, or has it been eclipsed by what comes
> with Tk 8.5 OOTB?

I'm curious about this too.  If no one responds please let us know how
it goes.

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