How to store passwords?

Oltmans rolf.oltmans at
Wed Jan 7 22:06:07 CET 2009

On Jan 8, 1:55 am, "Sebastian Bassi" <sba... at> wrote:

> In general you don't store the password, but a "hash" of it. Then when
> the user logs-in, you hash it and compare the result with the stored
> hash.
> About hash, use sha, look here:

But the thing is that I will ask the user for user name and password
only once i.e. when they start the application for the first time.
After that, I'm not supposed to ask the user name and password again.
So in this scenario, if I store a hash on the disk I cannot retrieve
plain-text string back from my hash as I've to send user name and
password to the server in plain-text.

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