Unexpected scientific notation

Robert Kern robert.kern at gmail.com
Thu Jan 8 02:18:15 CET 2009

Paul McNett wrote:
> One of my users has reported that my app is giving them scientific 
> notation instead of decimal notation for one specific value among many 
> that display properly. I am unable to reproduce on my end, and this is 
> the first I've heard of anything like this since the app's launch 2 
> years ago.
> The app bundles python 2.5.2 using py2exe.
> It displays '3E+1' instead of '30.0'.
> As I can't reproduce I'm looking for an idea brainstorm of what could be 
> causing this. What would be choosing to display such a normal number in 
> scientific notation?
> Ideas?

Locales? Do you at last know the code that's responsible for formatting the number?

Robert Kern

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