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Rob Williscroft rtw at
Thu Jan 8 05:18:19 CET 2009

 wrote in news:d301c93a-8a73-4cbb-9601-fe0c18a94f97 in comp.lang.python:

> I realise I could create my own wrapper that implements __next__ (I am
> using Python 3 and haven't checked the exact interface required, but I
> guess it's something like that), and add the information that way, but
> I am worried I am doing something too complicated.  Is there really no
> way to stick some arbitrary data onto a generator (from a function
> that "yield"s)?
> In case it's any help, the decorator is basically:
> def mydecorator(f):
>   def decorate(self, *args):
>     generator = f(self, *args)

You can use something like this:

def mydecorator( f ):
    def decorated(self, *args):
      for i in f(self, *args):
        yield i
    decorated.__doc__ = 'madeup doc string'
    return decorated
class Example( object ):
  def foo(self, a, b, ):
    yield 1
print( help( Example ) )

But realise that when the decorator ("mydecorator" above) is
run neither the class ("Example") or the instance (self) is
available.  Which limits somewhat the debugging information 
you can attach automatically.


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