parallel and/or synchronous start/run/stop on multiple boxes

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> > Consider a network of 3 fully-connected boxes i.e. every box as a TCP-
> > IP connection to every other box.
> >
> > Suppose you start a python program P on box A. Is there a Python
> > mechanism for P to send a copy of itself to box B or C then start that
> > program P on B or C by running a method p in P? Is there a way that P
> > on A could wait for that result?
> No, python provides no such mechanism.

The multiprocessing module, new in the 2.6 standard library and 
available in PyPi as a backport to 2.4 and 2.5, supports managing of 
processes on both local and remote machines.  The 2.6 module 
documentation has an "example/demo of how to use the 
managers.SyncManager, Process and others to build a system which can 
distribute processes and work via a distributed queue to a 'cluster' of 
machines on a network, accessible via SSH".


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