parallel and/or synchronous start/run/stop on multiple boxes

Shane gshanemiller at
Thu Jan 8 06:08:42 CET 2009

Consider a network of 3 fully-connected boxes i.e. every box as a TCP-
IP connection to every other box.

Suppose you start a python program P on box A. Is there a Python
mechanism for P to send a copy of itself to box B or C then start that
program P on B or C by running a method p in P? Is there a way that P
on A could wait for that result?

Bottom line: we have a number of needs in which it'd very convienent
to write a phython program, install and run it, so that it could
automatically propogate itself to wherever the code needs to go and
run itself so that there could be multiple copies of the code running
on different boxes with synchrounous (maybe asychronous)


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