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Thu Jan 8 13:11:22 CET 2009

Ben Finney recently wrote:
> Paul McNett <p at> writes:
>> I always end up sending the first reply to the sender, then going
>> "oops, forgot to hit reply-all'", and sending another copy to the
>> list.]
> Thanks to the Python mailing list administrators for conforming to the
> standards and not breaking the configuration like that!
And for the way they keep the mail flowing day after day, and for the
news/email gateway function, and ...

Brad Knowles is a frequently unsung hero, who thoroughly deserves the
PSF Community Award he got for his sterling service in the email area.
He is ably assisted in this task by Ralf Hildebrandt and Patrick
Koetter, authors of "The Book of Postfix".			

If you know of anyone whom you think deserves to be similarly honored
please feel free to let me, or the PSF Board, know about it. When we
can't reward people in a material way I believe it's very important to
acknowledge these voluntary contributions.

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