Replying to list messages

Paul McNett p at
Thu Jan 8 19:42:13 CET 2009

Ben Finney wrote:
> Paul McNett <p at> writes:
>> But arguing about this here isn't going to change anything: opinions
>> differ just like tabs/spaces and bottom-post/top-post.
> In cases like this, one side can simply be wrong :-)
> Best of luck getting your programs behaving as you want them to!

BTW, I agree with you that in an ideal, pure world mailing lists wouldn't munge the
reply-to field, but when 80% of the people use email clients that don't support
reply-list, the practical thing to do as a list admin that wants to avoid having to
explain over and over again that "your client software is broken" is to simply
swallow some pride and munge the reply-to. Now, 99% of the users are happy, and the
remaining 1% are elite enough to understand how to get around any problems this
caused. Happy is good.


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