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Eric Snow esnow at
Thu Jan 8 19:17:44 CET 2009

On Jan 7, 3:23 pm, "Martin v. Löwis" <mar... at> wrote:
> > Thanks for the responses.  What I mean is when a python process is
> > interrupted and does not get a chance to clean everything up then what
> > is a good way to do so?  For instance, I have a script that uses child
> > ptys to facilitate ssh connections (I'm using pxssh).  When I ^C the
> > python process I am left with the child processes running and the ssh
> > connections open.  Naturally I run out of ttys if this happens too
> > much, which I have had happen.  So if python does not get a chance to
> > take care of those, what is a good way to do so?  Does a try/finally
> > or a with statement address that?  Thanks!
> That's strange. When the parent process terminates, the tty master
> should get closed, causing the slave to be closed as well, in addition
> to sending a SIGHUP signal to the child, which ssh should interpret
> as terminating.
> Perhaps the problem is that the master socket *doesn't* get closed?
> I see that pexpect closes all file descriptors in the child before
> invoking exec. Could it be that you are starting addition child
> processes which inherit the master socket?
> Regards,
> Martin

Thanks.  I'll look into that.


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