drive a desktop app from python?

Srinivasa NL nl.srinivas at
Fri Jan 9 06:58:27 CET 2009

You can use subprocess module to start an application and also read it's
output. You can kill it yourself (when you know when to do it)

On Fri, Jan 9, 2009 at 2:36 AM, Tim Arnold <tim.arnold at> wrote:

> Hi, I don't even know what to google for on this one. I need to drive a
> commercial desktop app (on windows xp) since the app doesn't have a batch
> interface.  It's intended to analyze one file at a time and display a
> report.
> I can get the thing to write out the report an html browser, but I have
> thousands of files I need it to analyze every night.
> Is there any lib or recipe(s) for doing something like this via python?
> thanks,
> --Tim Arnold
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