Python Imaging Library and textmate

bilgin arslan a.bilgin.a at
Fri Jan 9 08:49:39 CET 2009

I am a beginner in python and I am trying to create image files that contain
lines from a text file.
I am trying to do this with PIL, which seems like a suitable tool. I have a
copy of TextMate(1.5.8) and I run Macosx 10.5.6

The problem is, even though I installed PIL correctly (I get no errors from
"import Image" in IDLE or in terminal), I can't get TextMate to import the
I keep getting "ImportError: No module named Image" error.
I tried reloading TextMate's bundles but that did not work either.

I used this set of instructions to install PIL

I think there is something wrong with symbolic links, although I am also a
novice to UNIX based systems so I do not know for sure what to do about it.
There was a similar thread in this list with textmate but I can't understand
how that issue was solved in the end.
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