Encrypted Logging in python

koranthala at gmail.com koranthala at gmail.com
Fri Jan 9 09:21:09 CET 2009

   I was wondering if there is a mechanism to encrypt logging
automatically in python.
   The issue is as follows:
    (a) An application (after py2exe) will go as executable and there
is no need for the user to know that it is written in python. If an
exception occurs and it is logged, then the user can understand it is
written in python.
    (b) A security threat. If an exception occurs, the code is seen by
the user - and possibly be misused.

   Base64 encoding somewhat helps - which is supported by logging
module - but even that is not very secure. If there can be an option -
wherein we send in the password and the logging is encrypted - it
might be better.
   I would have loved to provide the code, but I am completely tied up
at the moment and wont be able to help for another month.

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