Implementing file reading in C/Python

Johannes Bauer dfnsonfsduifb at
Fri Jan 9 14:42:37 CET 2009

James Mills schrieb:

> What does this little tool do anyway ?
> It's very interesting the images it creates
> out of files. What is this called ?

It has no particular name. I was toying around with the Princeton Cold
Boot Attack ( In particular I was
interested in how much memory is erased when I would (on my system)
enable the slow POST (which counts through all RAM three times).

I downloaded the provided utitilities, dumped my system memory via PXE
boot onto another system after resetting it hard in the middle of a
running Linux session. I did sync, though. Praise all journaling

As a 2GB file is not really of much use for telling where something is
and where isn't, I thought of that picture coloring. In a 1024x1024
picture a pixel is 2048 bytes with 2GB of RAM, so exactly half a page.
This is sufficiently high resolution to detect what's in there.

> I'm curious :) I haven't had much tiem to
> optimize it yet - I'll try to when I get home from work.

Thanks for your effort, I appreciate it... hope my work leads to some
meaningful results. Currently it looks (*cough* if there aren't bugs in
my picture code) as if my PC would reset the whole RAM anyways, although
I do not have any ECC. Strange.

Kind regards,

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