string split

Leland lelandpeng at
Fri Jan 9 21:36:34 CET 2009


I have some formatted strings that I'd like to split and get the
meaningful data, here is the example of the string format. The big
difference of these two line are the second double quote set at the
second line
100-01001-001,"Diode,Small Signal,SOT-23",1,D46,
100-01004-001,"Diode,High Voltage General Purpose,600mA,200V,SOT-23",

I want to split the string into the following format:
'100-01001-001', 'Diode,Small Signal,SOT-23', '1', 'D46'
'100-01004-001', 'Diode,High Voltage General Purpose,600mA,
200V,SOT-23', '3', 'D24,D72,D104'

By doing so, the list then has the meaning of part #, description,
quantity and reference. Here is the way I way to split:
    str2=line1.split(',\"', 1) # Split part# and the rest
    key = str2[0]
    str3 = str2[1]
    str4 = str3.split("\",", 1)
    Value1 = str4[0]
    str5 = str4[1]
    str6 = str5.split(",", 1)  # QTY, PARTS & BOM_NOTES
    Quanty = str6[0]
    str7 = str6[1]             # PARTS & BOM_NOTES
    if str7[0] == "\"" :
      str8=str7.split("\"", 2)
    else :
      str8=str7.split(",", 1)
    print(key, ":", str9)

It seems work this way, but is there more elegant way to do this?


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