BadZipfile "file is not a zip file"

webcomm ryandw at
Sat Jan 10 20:32:01 CET 2009

On Jan 9, 7:33 pm, John Machin <sjmac... at> wrote:
> It is not impossible for a file with dummy data to have been
> handcrafted or otherwise produced by a process different to that used
> for a real-data file.

I knew it was produced by the same process, or I wouldn't have shared
it. : )
But you couldn't have known that.

> > Not sure if you've seen this thread...
> Yeah, I've seen it ... (sigh) ... pax Steve Holden, but *please* stick
> with one thread ...

Thanks... I thought I was posting about separate issues and would
annoy people who were only interested in one of the issues if I put
them both in the same thread.  I guess all posts re: the same script
should go in one thread, even if the questions posed may be unrelated
and may be separate issues.  There are grey areas.

Problem solved in John Machin's post at

I'll post the final code when it's prettier.


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