State of the art: Tkinter, Tk 8.5, Tix?

Дамјан Георгиевски gdamjan at
Sun Jan 11 03:57:12 CET 2009

> The themed Tk widgets (ttk) that come with Tk 8.5 add a lot of the
> same things that Tix does, but they do so in a more modern way,
> hooking into platform-specific themes and API's wherever possible (XP,
> Vista, Mac) and updating the generic X11 look as well. As such, they
> are more appropriate for modern development. Tix is more of a legacy
> toolkit.

Interesting... so to summarize, what do I get from Python/TK on *Linux* 
with tkinter beeing dynamically linked to the system tk 8.5.6 ?

Especially I'd like to know if it will support fontconfig/TTF/antialiased fonts?

дамјан ( )

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