Regex for unicode letter characters

MRAB google at
Sun Jan 11 04:38:13 CET 2009

Steve Holden wrote:
> MRAB wrote:
>> schickb wrote:
>>> I need a regex that will match strings containing only unicode letter
>>> characters (not including numeric or the _ character). I was surprised
>>> to find the 're' module does not include a special character class for
>>> this already (python 2.6). Or did I miss something?
>>> It seems like this would be a very common need. Is the following the
>>> only option to generate the character class (based on an old post by
>>> Martin v. Löwis )?
>> [snip]
>> Basically, yes.
>> The re module was last worked on in 2003 (remember it's all voluntary!).
>> Such omissions should be addressed in Python 2.7.
> By "should be" do you mean "ought to be (but I have no intention of
> helping)", "are expected to be (but someone else will be doing the
> work", "it's on my list and I am expecting to get finished in time for
> 2.7 integration" or something else?
The third one.

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