Does Python really follow its philosophy of "Readability counts"?

Carl Banks pavlovevidence at
Mon Jan 12 01:47:56 CET 2009

On Jan 11, 6:42 pm, Paul Rubin <http://phr...@NOSPAM.invalid> wrote:
> Carl Banks <pavlovevide... at> writes:
> > If so, what is it that's so evil about conditionally-existent
> > variables?  (I'll leave the question open-ended this time.)
> I have found they make the code more confusing and bug prone.
> It's better to define and document all the instance variables
> in one place, in most cases.

That means all I have to do is add a stopgap value in __init__.  I'm
asking Chris why that is evidently not enough, and that I'd have to
structure/design my code to avoid it.

Carl Banks

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