Slow network?

MRAB google at
Mon Jan 12 21:15:48 CET 2009

Laszlo Nagy wrote:
> Here are some more test results:
> - original example with setblocking(0) and TCP_NODELAY: 130 messages / sec
> - same example without TCP_NODELAY: 130 messages/sec (I don't understand 
> why?)
> - same example without setblocking(0): 130 messages/sec (I guess because 
> I'm using already?)
> - same example without setblocking(0) and without TCP_NODELAY: 130 
> messages / sec
> Now I really didn't understand where is the problem? I suspected that 
> maybe the overhead for But nope, tried the same example 
> without and without setblocking(0) and it was also 130 
> messages/sec.
> What is hurting me then? Is it not TCP? :-(
Waiting for a response after each send will take longer than doing the 
sends and then the responses. Have you tried pinging the destination to 
see how long the round trip takes? Has your friend?

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