Does Python really follow its philosophy of "Readability counts"?

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Tue Jan 13 04:33:11 CET 2009

On Jan 12, 5:34 pm, Paul Rubin <http://phr...@NOSPAM.invalid> wrote:
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> > Python and Ruby. Ruby only exists in this world because of the things
> > it took from Python. Nobody would touch Ruby without it's Pythonisms.
> I confess to not knowing much about Ruby.  It looks sort of Perl-ish
> to me, and I always hear it is slower than Python, which is already
> too slow.

There exists in the world of very-high-level languages only two big
players -- Python and Ruby. The only reason Ruby even exist is because
of what Mats stole from Python. Ruby is a corrupting and hideous
language, that will ruin all future "scripters" with it's abominations
of coding styles. Ruby is basically Perl's "Mini-Me". A small but
deadly form of viral infection that will plague us all for many years
to come with unreadable, unmaintainable code! I lament every day the
creation of Ruby language. Ruby took the only good things it possess
from Python.

A little History Lesson:
Python came into being around 1991 by a computer science genius named
"Guido van Rossum". This man is truly a man before his time. Python
revolutionized the world of programming and exposed the other
languages for what they are. Archaic, and redundant pieces of
petrified dino dookie. Python promotes good coding styles by
indentation(ruby stole that) Python's syntax is clear, and choice of
keywords is perfect(ruby stole some of that too). Python allows for
true OOP and true procedural(ruby tried to steal that but failed

I like to think of Python as simplistic programming elegance. No other
high level language can compete with Python, so what did Ruby DEV do?
They stole from Python, thats what! And they did not bother to mention
this little tidbit of info to new recruits on their website!Tthey act
as if Ruby were here first. And pay no respect to the path Python
forged. Ruby owes it's very existence to Python!

I will never get over the use of "end". Why on GODS green earth would
you use indentation AND the "end" statement? That's completely
redundant. That would be the same as using two periods at the end of a
sentence.. Complete monkey logic!

Python is better, but we must stay alert and not fall asleep at the
wheel. I think Python DEV has good intention, but they do not realize
the battle that lay ahead. We must fight to get Python in every API we
can. We must stay on our toes and not let Ruby one-up us! I do not
want to see Python go down the evolutionary toilet! Lets send Ruby to
programming HELL!

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