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webcomm wrote:
> On Jan 12, 11:53 am, "Chris Mellon" <arka... at> wrote:
[file distribution horror story ...]
>> It's worth pointing out (although the provider probably doesn't care)
>> that this isn't really an XML document and this was a bad way of them
>> to distribute the data. If they'd used a correctly formatted XML
>> document (with the prelude and everything) with the correct encoding
>> information, existing XML parsers should have just Done The Right
>> Thing with the data, instead of you needing to know the encoding a
>> priori to extract an XML fragment.
> Agreed. I can't say I understand their rationale for doing it this way.

Sadly their rationale is irrelevant to the business of making sense of
the data, which we all hope you have eventually managed to do.

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