Standard IPC for Python?

Laszlo Nagy gandalf at
Tue Jan 13 21:04:04 CET 2009

> I was suggesting getting posix_ipc or sysv_ipc to compile against a 
> compatibility library (Cygwin?) under Windows. It sounds like you're 
> proposing something totally different, no?
OK I see. But probably I do not want to use Cygwin because that would 
create another dependency. I understand that posix_ipc/sysv is not 
natively supported under windows. What about this:

- create a wrapper, using ctypes, /windll / cdll/ to access API functions
- use CreateFileMapping on the page file to create shared memory (a la 
- use CreateEvent/WaitForSingleObject for signaling 
- these should be enough to implement shared memory functions and 
message queues under windows, and that might be a quick solution at 
least for me.
- it might also be used to emulate the same posix_ipc interface, without 
any external dependency added (cygwin).

All I care about is to create a working message queue. But if you think 
that this ctypes hack would be useful for other users, then I can try to 
implement it.

I must tell you that I'm not very familiar with C programming (it was a 
long time ago...) and I do not own MSVC.

(Hmm, can I compile this with mingw?)


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