Does Python really follow its philosophy of "Readability counts"?

Paul Rubin http
Wed Jan 14 03:27:09 CET 2009

"James Mills" <prologic at> writes:
> You do realize this is a model and not strictly a requirement. Quite
> a few things in Python are done merely by convention.
> Don't get caught up.

But, if something is done by convention, then departing from the
convention is by definition unconventional.  If you do something
unconventional in a program, it could be on purpose for a reason, or
it could be by accident indicating a bug.  

I don't understand why some folks spew such violent rhetoric against
the idea of augmenting Python with features to alert you automatically
when you depart from the convention, so that you can check that the
departure is actually what you wanted.  A lot of the time, I find, the
departures are accidental and automated checks would save me
considerable debugging.

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