Understanding search queries, semantics, and "Meaning" ...aren't we all looking for meaning?

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>I have Section 4.4.1 of SICP rattling around in my head (database
>queries), and I'm trying to come up with a simple dictionary-based
>database in Python to represent circuit diagrams.  My main confusion
>isn't one of implementation, but a matter of "big thinking",
>fundamentally, about the problem. Please don't suggest using a SQL
>library, as I'm looking to learn to fish, so to speak, and to learn a
>bit about the biology of fish.

Having read the rest of your conversation with Jonathan, I'm going to
suggest a related book that I think may help you approach this from a
different angle: _Mastering Regular Expressions_ by Jeffrey Friedl.  (I
haven't gone through SICP myself, so I can't be sure that it's relevant,
but it covers the topic of transforming search criteria into executable
statements -- and it will almost certainly be useful to you even if it's
not relevant to your current problem.)
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