Python Crashes

koranthala koranthala at
Wed Jan 14 21:57:03 CET 2009

    I have a twisted based application based on Python 2.4.3. I also
have one thread in this application.

    I found that my program crashes repeatedly after a random interval
(ranging from 10 min to 3 hr). When I say crash, it is not just that
the program dies. Rather in WinXP - a window comes mentioning that
'Python.exe unexpectedly crashed'.
    I tried putting in catching the exception by using try: except -
and logging everything. But the logging code is also not hit, i.e.
even the 'except' code is not hit. I feel that the base python
interpreter itself is crashing due to some bug in my program.
    Earlier, I had put code as
     At this time, my whole machine also froze. It was so slow that
one mouse movement happened after 7-8 minutes after I moved the

Then I modified the code to
except Exception:

    Then, the machine no longer freezes. But, still there is no
logging of errors happening too.

    Could anyone guide me on this? I have been facing this issue for a
day, and cannot seem to solve it.

P.S ->    I am not allowed to post the code of application - so I hope
I have explained it enough.

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