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Daniel Fetchinson fetchinson at
Wed Jan 14 23:03:12 CET 2009

>> >>> I need something to connect to a database, preferably mysql, that
>> >>> works in python3.0 please.
>> >> And your question is?
>> > Surely it's fairly obvious that the question is "does such a thing
>> > exist, and if so where can I find it?".
>> Interestingly enough, the question was slightly (but importantly)
>> different, though: the question really was "Does anybody has a patch for
>> MySQLdb?"; as my reference to the existing interface to PostgreSQL
>> was not sufficient for the OP.
> Yes it was enough, but I can not imagine it has not been done yet for
> MySql either :)

Well, this actually is the case: MySql has not been ported. As far as
I can see the mysql python module in general (meaning for the 2.x
branch) is not as well maintained as some others and questions about
windows vs. linux issues periodically come up on the mailing list. So
I would not be surprised if porting mysql to the 3.x branch will take
longer and will be less well-maintained than other database bindings.

> It was a open statement where I expected like 10 different databases
> responses. For example if you go to a dinner place you have never been
> gone before and want to try something new and there is no menu
> available. What do you ask ? You just say something similar. "I would
> like to order a salet please with some red wine." I don't think any
> one of you would expect the waiter to answer,"And your question is?" I
> also think the waiter does not expect me to ask 10 similar questions
> like "red wine 1991? red wine 1992? red wine 1993? until i hit
> something that is on the menu"
> So the final questions was, is there anything els on the menu besides
> PostgreSQL, like MySql for example ? If not I will take PostgreSQL
> please.

The 3.x branch just as the 2.x branch contains bindings to sqlite.
This you can use from day 1, the 3.0 release contains it.


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