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Wed Jan 14 23:29:17 CET 2009

    Daniel> Well, this actually is the case: MySql has not been ported. As
    Daniel> far as I can see the mysql python module in general (meaning for
    Daniel> the 2.x branch) is not as well maintained as some others and
    Daniel> questions about windows vs. linux issues periodically come up on
    Daniel> the mailing list. So I would not be surprised if porting mysql
    Daniel> to the 3.x branch will take longer and will be less
    Daniel> well-maintained than other database bindings.

Unless you have direct evidence to the contrary people should take what you
wrote with a grain of salt.  In my experience Andy Dustman has been quite
responsive to inputs about MySQLdb, when those inputs happen in the forum he
inhabits.  That forum is the MySQL forum tool on SourceForge:

If you're curious about MySQLdb on Python 3.0 that is the place to ask.  Of
course, like all open source software if you provide a patch in the project
tracker things will happen faster.

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