Suggested improvements for IDLE (non-official)

r rt8396 at
Wed Jan 14 23:29:18 CET 2009

Hello James,
I actually want to trash IDLE and start over. I would be willing to do
a complete re-write. I have already made a template GUI that works
(early stages). I am wondering if anyone else might be interested in
taking this on with me? IMO IDLE is full of fluff where it should not
be, and thin where it should be fat. Trim off the fat and lean this
puppy up! I like that in ActiveState's version you can delete as much
text as you want. IDLE won't allow it.

I want a better setup for extensions, and complete control of mouse
and key bindings for the user. We need to clean the dust off and
polish IDLE up a bit. If not, i will just write up a simplified
version it for myself. I just thought someone out there may be
thinking like i am.

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