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Daniel Fetchinson fetchinson at
Thu Jan 15 00:55:57 CET 2009

>     Daniel> Well, this actually is the case: MySql has not been ported. As
>     Daniel> far as I can see the mysql python module in general (meaning for
>     Daniel> the 2.x branch) is not as well maintained as some others and
>     Daniel> questions about windows vs. linux issues periodically come up on
>     Daniel> the mailing list. So I would not be surprised if porting mysql
>     Daniel> to the 3.x branch will take longer and will be less
>     Daniel> well-maintained than other database bindings.
> Unless you have direct evidence to the contrary people should take what you
> wrote with a grain of salt.

What I wrote is of course solely my own experience. When I needed to
use a database with python I looked around and tried to guess which db
binding is the most mature, stable, well-maintained, etc. Meaning, I'd
like to have the least amount of compilation/linking problems for both
windows and linux and I'd like to have the least amount of runtime
problems. I did what I guess anybody would have done: a google search
on the main database bindings. From this rather ad hoc research I
concluded that mysqldb has more problems than the other major

> In my experience Andy Dustman has been quite
> responsive to inputs about MySQLdb, when those inputs happen in the forum he
> inhabits.

I agree with you and I didn't say anything which contradicts your
statement. Being very responsive to problems is absolutely compatible
with having some problems.

> That forum is the MySQL forum tool on SourceForge:
> If you're curious about MySQLdb on Python 3.0 that is the place to ask.  Of
> course, like all open source software if you provide a patch in the project
> tracker things will happen faster.

Sure, we agree again. But since my impression about the OP's question
was that his/her main intention is not really code contribution but
rather a solution to use, I'd say this is pretty much irrelevant for
the OP.

But yes, we agree on how development of open source projects go :)


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