Does Python really follow its philosophy of "Readability counts"?

Paul Rubin http
Thu Jan 15 08:10:07 CET 2009

Michele Simionato <michele.simionato at> writes:
> I would be fine having something like pylint built-in in the language
> and running at every change of the source code (unless disabled with a
> command line switch). I think this is the only reasonable solution to
> get some additional protection we can hope for. A true change of the
> language IMO is impossible, both technically, politically and for
> legacy issue. Also, I am not convinced it would be a good idea, even
> theoretically. It is easier to write a new Python-like language
> from scratch than to add type checking to Python (I think you
> were not proposing adding type checking in this post, right?).

I think this sub-thread has been mostly about dynamically creating new
class instance attributes, but yes, at one point I did suggest adding
type checking (ML-like inference) to pylint, presumably with feedback
to the compiler for optimization purposes.  I noted that Python 3.0 in
fact has some features to support annotations for the purpose of
static type checking, so it's not as far off the wall as it might

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