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James Stroud jstroud at
Thu Jan 15 11:35:34 CET 2009

MLT wrote:
> Hello all: I'm a beginner to Python (and programming altogether), and
> am now looking to create a program of my own.  What I've got in mind
> is a very basic pest control program that would keep track of 1) trap
> findings and 2) pesticides.  My thought is to make each of these
> classes.  Looking at the general outline written below, can anyone
> give general impression about whether I'm somewhat going in the right
> direction or if I need to approach it entirely differently?  Thanks
> for any suggestions or help!
[data structures snipped]

Programs generally *do* something. Here you have described data 
structures, which just sit there being full of data. They aren't very 
active and hence are not terribly interesting.

Here are some bullet points for your consideration:

1. What will your program do?
2. Understand databases ( before you start.
3. Consider PySQlite (
    before you think about a heavyweight database backend (once
    you realize that you will want a database for this project).


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