Python 3 isinstance

MRAB google at
Thu Jan 15 18:26:45 CET 2009

Lambert, David W (S&T) wrote:
 > I have use case, needn't be dynamic, and it's not hard to enclose set as
 > tuple.  But I also write (for example)
 > __all__ = 'this that other'.split()
 > string_list = 'evenOneWord'.split()
 > instead of
 > __all__ = 'this','that','imTiredOfMistypingCommasAndQuotes'
 > if not isinstance(o,set_of_handled_types):
 >     raise TypeError('call blessed programmer, this cannot occur')
 > if isinstance(o,set_of_handle_types-treat_differently):
 >     treat_thusly(o)
 > elif isinstance(o,treat_differently):
 >     treat_differently(o)
 > elif etc.
You could write a Python source processor like which would
replace 'this that other'.split() with ['this', 'that', 'other']. In
fact, you could even write abbreviations such as /this that other/
and then use the script to expand them!

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