List comprehension - NameError: name '_[1]' is not defined ?

ajaksu ajaksu at
Thu Jan 15 22:35:05 CET 2009

On Jan 15, 1:56 pm, mario ruggier <mario.rugg... at> wrote:
> As
> I mentioned in another thread, the real application behind all this is
> one of the *few* secure templating systems around. Some info on its
> security is at:
> Tell you what, if you find a security hole there (via exposed template
> source on a Domain(restricted=True) setup) I'll offer you a nice
> dinner (including the beer!) somewhere, maybe at some py conference,
> but even remotely if that is not feasible... ;-)

If you could provide a bare-bones instance of your evaluator to test
against, without using the whole evoque (I get DUMMY MODE ON from
'self.template.collection.domain.globals'), it'd be more interesting
to try :)

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