Soap Client

DougJrs dougjrs at
Fri Jan 16 02:04:58 CET 2009

Good Evening Everyone,

I am working to create a Soap client in Python using wsdl2py.  So far
I have been pretty successful in creating most of the client, but I am
having trouble figuring out how to change the content of the message
that is being sent.

After running wsdl2py I have created this client code:

import OnlineQuery_client as QC

loc QC.QueryLocator()
srv = loc.getOnlineQuerySoap()
msg = QC.querySoapIn()
rep = srv.query(msg)

I would like to change the message that is being sent to something
like this (soap headers excluded below, but they would be in the
actual message, and the xml would be escaped.)

wsdl2py created the code below in
"querySoapIn = GED("", "query", "test").pyclass"

So, can anyone point me in the right direction as to how I would
change the message that is being sent?  I have tried a couple of
different combinations, but so far I have not been successful in
creating the messages that I want.

Any help is appreciated,

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