Suggested improvements for IDLE (non-official)

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Fri Jan 16 03:59:23 CET 2009

r wrote:
> On Jan 14, 4:43 pm, Terry Reedy <tjre... at> wrote:
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>> I think the 'main' IDLE maintainer is no longer active.  I think someone
>> who would do more than fix critical bugs might be welcome.
> Hello Terry,
> That's what i was beginning to think. I am not quite ready (as far as
> my skills are concerned) to put out something that would be as useful
> to many people. I could hack together something real quick for myself.
> This is why i am looking for like-minded people who would be
> interested in this. I have the foresight and willpower at this point
> to contribute something meaningful to the Python community -- to give
> back.
> OFF-TOPIC:(but related)
> What is the state of Tkinter at this point. Is an active effort under
> way to port TK 8.5 into Python? Tkinter and IDLE are very important to
> Python, but i understand there are much more important areas where the
> GURU's are concentrating. Should there be a calling for "others" to
> get involved here? I would like to help out.
> Thanks

Maybe I'm misunderstanding something here, but "About Idle" in Python 
2.6.1 (win32) says "Tk version: 8.5"

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