Jerry Pournelle gives award to Python and Guido for 2008

Richard Hanson oc2007d5egjeqi01ecf0sw at
Sat Jan 17 18:36:20 CET 2009

[NB: Blatant Python advocacy (and OP self-promotion).]

Jerry Pournelle commends Python and Guido in "The Annual Orchid
and Onions Parade" portion of his Chaos Manor Reviews column:


A reader [full-disclosure: that reader was me] nominated Python
for an Orchid for Jerry's Orchid and Onions awards for 2008:

I nominate the computer language Python for an Orchid for 2008.
This last year, Python broke through into worldwide popularity.
The volunteer team led by BDFL (benevolent dictator for life)
Guido van Rossum released "Python 3000" (Python 3.0) before
year's end as well as releasing the next production-line 2.x
version, Python 2.6.

Python -- and Linux (the kernel) with its "BDFL" Linus Torvalds
-- show that benevolent dictatorships are great forms of
organization which can easily beat out other forms of cooperation
in software development unable to escape Pournelle's Iron Law,
whether proprietary *or* open-source software [...].

Jerry Pournelle followed up with:

I completely agree with this. Python deserves a large Orchid.
It's useful, well structured, easy to learn, and powerful. I use
it to write quick filter functions among other things. I'm
pleased to hand Guido a big Orchid. [...]

I add: Great job, Guido and all!

Richard Hanson

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