what's the point of rpython?

andrew cooke andrew at acooke.org
Sun Jan 18 12:56:28 CET 2009

Since this is a PyPy bashing thread, maybe it's an appropriate place
to suggest that the project has got a little bit waylaid by exploring
cool things instead of releasing a useful final result?

I am not questioning rpython directly - the case for something like
that is obvious.  But there's a question of balance.  It's possible to
go on building ever more complex systems which are theoretically
justified, but which postpone ever finishing the job.  At some point
there has to be a "good enough".

To some extent I am playing devil's advocate here, but as an outside
who looked at PyPy a while back, my uninformed and naive impression
was that the project was suffering from the kid of issues I have
caricatured above....


PS I guess you are aware of worse is better etc?  I think this may
also be a US/Euro culture issue...

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