braces fixed '#{' and '#}'

Brendan Miller catphive at
Mon Jan 19 00:06:10 CET 2009

Yes, I also recently noticed the bug in python's parser that doesn't
let it handle squigly braces and the bug in the lexer that makes white
space significant. I'm surprised the dev's haven't noticed this yet.

On Sat, Jan 17, 2009 at 2:09 AM, v4vijayakumar
<vijayakumar.subburaj at> wrote:
> I saw some code where someone is really managed to import braces from
> __future__. ;)
> def test():
> #{
>        print "hello"
> #}

This seems like the best workaround.  Hopefully python curly brace
support will be fixed soon. I think technically a language can't be
turing complete without curly braces right? That's definitely how I
read this:

"If the negation of what Gödel has shown had been proved, i.e. if, for each U,
either U or –U is provable, then we should have an immediate solution of the
Entscheidungsproblem. As a corollary we also have that real
programmers use squigly braces and everyone else is nubs"

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