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What kind of database do you need? Relational Databases?

The three major databases you can work with python are SQLite, MySQL and
PostgreSQL (favorite of mine.)

SQLite already comes with python. Try:

>>> import sqlite3

SQLite is... Lite. All the informations are stored in a single file.

MySQL and PostgreSQL are more complete databases that run as servers on the
machine, and you can use python bindings for both. (psycopg2 for postgres,
and i forgot what binds mysql to python at the moment.)

I guess you should google for psycopg2, read a little bit about the SQL
syntax (though you may not need to use them directly, it`s good to
understand what happens behind the bindings.) The PostgreSQL docs are quite

Sorry for not providing any links. They should be easy to find if you google
for them.

2009/1/19 amin <funfullson at>

> Hi dears.
> I started programing with python and want to use a suitable
> database.But I Know nothing about them.please introduse one to me.
> thanks.
> --

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