MRAB google at
Mon Jan 19 15:21:40 CET 2009

gervaz wrote:
> Hi all, I need to find all the address in a html source page, I'm
> using:
> 'href="(?P<url>[^"]+)">(<b>)?(?P<name>[^</a>]+)(</
> b>)?</a>'
> but the [^</a>]+ pattern retrieve all the strings not containing <
> or / or a etc, although I just not want the word "</a>". How can I
> specify: 'do not search the string "blabla"?'
If the name is followed by "<" then just match the name with [^<]+:

 > b>)?</a>

I've also changed to mysite\.com because . will match any 
character, but what you probably want to match is ".".

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